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What can I learn and how will AdLace Studios help me?

AdLace Studios was created because I like you, spend countless hours searching the internet for ways to better my craft. There are a couple of really, really great home studio channels out there for sure and what I have learned from them is invaluable to say the least. In fact I am still an active VIP'R on these channels and will continue to be simply because one never stops learning.

My goal for this site and my Youtube channel are equally the same - Elevate Your Sound With Knowledge.

Passing my knowledge onto you will not only expand your recording know-how, it will also give you the tools necessary to make better informed choices that will result in better recordings and mixes.

So who am I?
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My name is Shawn Eckert and I have been playing music for the last 32 years and will continue to do so for another 30!


I have been in countless projects over the years playing different instruments ranging from Drums, Bass, Keys, Guitars and Vocals. I was even a soundman for a number of years before I took to the stage.

My main instrument would be the guitar if I had to pick one, but why not just love them all if you can.


I have played good gigs, great gigs and just down right shitty gigs...been there done that kind of a thing.

All through these years of playing live one thing usually remained the constant and that was mixing sound side stage or at the very least helping the sound guy rig and route things.


I was always the one guy in the band that paid very close attention to how we were being mixed. If someone else was doing the mixing then I usually had a few points a value to give If I was the one mixing side stage I would always make sure everyone else in the band had their own mixes worked out to their satisfaction before I even though about setting my own rig(guitar and amp) up....thats just the way it was...thats was the only way that I would feel comfortable. If I had to worry about the mix and fight feedback all night long then my guitar playing and singing would suffer and that just is NOT ok for any band.

I still do play live here and there once in a while and I've always got a project on the go it would seem.


More importantly to that end, I have taken what I have learned over the years with everything musical and put my energy into AdLace Studios. I have always recorded my bands over the years, but nothing in the way of comparison to what I know today. The digital age of recording is just completely awesome in my opinion.

I am a Presonus nut and I have been using their hardware and software products since February of 2011. I currently have the Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2 digital console which I have owned for 9 years already!!! I also run Presonus Studio One Professional 4.6. This gear is so good and powerful I wouldn't even consider going elsewhere. I should however consider upgrading my desk before too long.

So in closing, that's my story and going forward I would love to connect with anyone of you who shares the same interests. 

Lets make some music together!

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